Arrow with painted turkey fletching, 8 mm


High-quality firm arrow is used with bows with draw weight up to 18 kg. It is acceptable for experienced bowmen and for newcomers as well.

Main characteristics:

  • firm arrow shaft of ashwood, maple wood or basswood, thickness 8 mm

  • steel cone-shaped arrowhead

  • natural painted turkey fletching, 10 cm length. Fletching is enforced with wrapping

  • nock - reinforced notch (wrapping and gluing)


Every arrow shaft is covered with wood stain and varnish against moisture.

If feather was mussed, you can easliy straighten it over the steam.


Arrows of different length are available for order. They are used with such bows:
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This product is still to be handcrafted and you may customize it selecting its properties. The measurements of your body required for crafting this product will be requested after the purchase. The product will be completely custom-made according to your wishes.

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Arrow with painted turkey fletching, 8 mm
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