Steel Mastery LA – Custom Leather Armor Shop provides medieval leather armor for our customers who enjoy LARP, SCA, and reenactment.

Making leather armor, we use historically correct patterns and your sketches.


Our leather armor costumes designed for: 


  • SCA armored combat
  • full contact sword fighting
  • staged battles
  • light fight
  • training weapons fight


Buying our functional leather protection, you get:


  • handmade 
  • wearable 
  • knight 
  • authentic
  • leather combat armor.


Manufacturing our leather armor, we use modern materials and traditional, historically correct, technologies. We use only natural materials. This provides not only sufficient level of full body protection, but also appropriate level of comfort.

At the wish of our customers all leather armor can be machine or hand sewing. 

So, if you are looking for a warrior leather armor to enjoy gladiator fights in the glory of Rome or you want to protect Lorien with your faithful elves or maybe you are planing barbarian invasion our leather armor store is at your service. 

Our leather body armor could be bought as full leather armor set or by pieces:

  1. Leather Chest armor
    1. Chestplate(breastplate)
    2. Torso armor
    3. Brigandine armor
    4. Cuirass
    5. Hauberk
    6. Chainmail
  2. Leather Arm Armor
    • Muscle armor
    • Shoulder armor
    • Pauldrons
    • Vambraces
    • Gauntlets
    • Gloves
    • Bracers
  3. Leather Headbands
  4. Leather Armor Belts
  5. Leather Helmets
  6. Leather Leg Armor
    • Shin armor
    • Armor boots
    • Thigh armor
    • Greeves
  7. Leather Neck Armor
  8. Women`s Leather Armor













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