Helmet of the Golden Horde warrior, XII-XIV century


This model of medieval helmet is based on the paintings from the book “Jami al-Tawarikh” (eng. "Compendium of Chronicles") of persian historian Rashid-al-Din Hamadani, who expounded history of the Mongols in this book.

We made slight changes in the helmet design, so now it is completely compliant to SCA standards and HMB.

Helmet has bar-grill visor, which is attached to the peak, and neck plate. Distance between the rods is about 2 cm (less than 1 inch).

Two rondels on the both side provide with additional protection for temples.

Helmet is perfect for medieval fencing, tournaments and buhurts.

Mail aventail is additional option.

Base price includes the dome made of normal steel 1.5 mm, steel buckles and rivets, sewn liner. Please choose the wished type and thickness of metal in options.

You can easily create complete character of tatar-mongolian warrior, combining this helmet with eastern tunic and pants, padded gambeson and main armour khatangu degel.

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This product is still to be handcrafted and you may customize it selecting its properties. The measurements of your body required for crafting this product will be requested after the purchase. The product will be completely custom-made according to your wishes.

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Code: AH-37
Helmet of the Golden Horde warrior, XII-XIV century
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