Knight Armor mid-15th century


So called Milanese style armour or "white armour" of the XV century is shown on the pictures. After quite a long period of stagnation in blacksmithing skill associated with the fall of the Roman Empire, gunsmiths gradually restore the lost manufacturing skills of all-metal armour plates. The first in this case were the Italians in the second half of the XIV century, namely, the master of Milan. For this reason the armour got its name.

 Because on top of them didn’t dress popular in the old days surcoat with the emblem of owner. For this type are typical some parameters. Details were quite large size, which slowed down and paralyzed the movement, but gave good protection. As the helmet is often used type of Armagh. And especially at an early stage, this could be barbut and Grand bascinet. Tucked in the neck was plate necklace which consists of flexible rings called Gorje. The chest and abdomen were protected by cuirass, sometimes consisting of several segments; the lower part was superimposed over the top.

Quite often wore breastplate armour for more protection of the body. The shoulders were covered with plates, which are also located one above the other. The plates were attached to other parts of the armour with leather straps. Elbow joint was covered with thick elbow pads. Feature of the Milan type was the increased size of the left elbow pads. It is allowed to avoid the use of the shield. Boots are full-metal plate, fully covered the hand. Hands defended by plate gloves, and a little later by mittens.

To protect lower abdomen and groin area was used Deathplate skirt. It could be mounted on the sides of extra thigh pads - tassets. In this case we have to deal with a kind, popular in Germany at that time. Feet protected by full-metal greaves and sabatons. Sabatons consists of several segments, making it easier for walking. As the decorations on this model contains emblem and ornaments, which are made blackening technique.

This model can be changed according to your wishes. To change the available options are: material, color, size, presence of additional decorations. Must be aware of the possibility of combining different elements of armor, for example cuirasses of the same type, and helmet him another. Together with cuirasses necessary protective elements are – helmets, padded liners, brigandines, arm armours and leg armours

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This product is still to be handcrafted and you may customize it selecting its properties. The measurements of your body required for crafting this product will be requested after the purchase. The product will be completely custom-made according to your wishes.

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Knight Armor mid-15th century
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