Brigandine kit - 1


This brigandine kit is perfect armour for medieval fencing or spear running. We tested it on the Battle of Nations 2013, where kit showed off the excellent level of protection.

The kit is not 100% historically correct, but it's appropriate for reenactments of the early XV century.

You can see the first images of brigandine armour on the Byzantine miniatures. Such type of body protection was widespread among the warriors in the XI-XIV centuries. But in the end of the XIV century, it was forced out by plate armours because of armourers' development.

This brigandine kit consists of:

-right plate mitten

-left brigandine mitten


-brigandine arms

-brigandine tasses

-plate shoulders


The following items on the photos can be purchased separately on our site:

-padded chausses


-plate half-greaves

-steel shield buckler

-helmet bascinet with "Wolf ribs" visor


Gambeson and chausses are made of natural fabrics and are padded with sheet-wadding (50% cotton and 50% wool). We strictly recommend to wear brigndine and steel parts of kit over the padded armour.

The right mitten completely hides the hand completely. The left mitten leaves the fingers uncovered, that provides with a comfortable hold of the shield.

On the photos, all part of kit are made of leather and steel, but in options you can choose another colour for brigandine parts, metal of different thickness (cold-rolled steel, stainless steel or titanium).

Bascinet with "Wolf ribs" visor on the photo is made of 2.5 mm steel. Liner, mail and padded aventails are installed to the helmet.

Torse is a padded roller, that is put on the top of helmet. Usually, it is made in heraldic colours of owner. The torse helps to recocgnize the warrior during the battle and amortize the most part of all hits in the head.

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This product is still to be handcrafted and you may customize it selecting its properties. The measurements of your body required for crafting this product will be requested after the purchase. The product will be completely custom-made according to your wishes.

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Brigandine kit - 1
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