Full gothic plate armor 15 century


The given model of armour belongs to the type of so-called gothic armour. 

The usage of ‘gothic’ is traced back to the end of XV and up to XVII centuries. This armour was particularly popular in Germanic lands. ‘Gothic’ armour was a step up for the arms masters in comparison with the ‘Milanese’ one. New type of armour differed due to a number of successful decisions.

The segments of the model were smaller, but their number grew. This improved warrior’s movement, protection of extremities’ point of bending and firmness of the plates themselves. Plate gauntlets, in this way, consisted of a variety of various flexible segments.

The surface of the armour was improved as well. Using corrugation a layer of so-called ribs of firmness, which allowed a better resistance to an attack by cold arms, was put on.

One of the main typical feature of gothic armour was also the Sallet helmet. For protection of the neck and the lower part of a face, sallet was used together with bevor. Sabatons were of a lengthy shape with sharp toes. The length of the latter decided on the place of their owner in the general hierarchy.

For the decoration of armour various metal techniques were used. The most popular techniques among the arms masters were blueing and blackening. With the help of blueing, the surface of the armour was covered with and oxide layer, which not only gave it navy shade but also protected the armour from oxidation and rust. Blackening was done in the following way. In the beginning the armour was engraved with a certain pattern. Then black and oil were put inside the cracks. The content of the black could differ. It could be a mixture of silver, tin, copper, sulphur or wax, bitumen and wood resin in certain proportions. After this the part of the armour was pierced, the oil burnt out and the black, having melted, firmly was attached to the surface.

Base price includes armour made of cold-rolled steel 1.0 mm. Helmet has sewn liner and steel decoration.

Brass decorations and finish treatment (such as mirror polishing or blueing) are additional options.

Material, color, size and availability of additional decor - the options you can change to your liking. If you prefer, you can combine the various elements of armor, for example cuirass of the same type, and the other to her helmet

To recreate the image of a medieval knight of the XVth century need to pay attention to the other elements of protection - helmetspadded linersbrigandinesarm armours and leg armours.

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Full gothic plate armor 15 century
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