Something for a head! But not helmets:)

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We've already told you about costumes of the XV century Burgundia, but did not pay a lot of attention to hed-dresses. But it's worth to remember, that headwears are significant part of any medieval costume!

Well, today is time to talk about hennins, atours, beguins... What do these words means? You'll know it in new article "Men's and women's headwears in Burgundia, XV century".


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News goods are waiting for you!

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Burgundian dress - long and beautiful garb for pretty ladies!






Italian barbute  - the real classics of medieval head protection!






Coat of arms (tabard) - your brothers in arms will easily recognize you at the battlefield!




Visors of bascinet - new article!

Do you know a lot about types of bascinets' visor? We'd like to tell you more in our new article:



Something about XV century costumes...


there is so much information about the Middle Ages to tell about! And today we'd like to share with your new article about Italian Renaissance costume of the XV century! 


We hope, you'll like it and know more about specific features, which make Italian outfit absolutely unique!

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Spring Sale - discount 8% for 8 days!

Dear friends,

here in Ukraine, we celebrate International Women's Day on the 8th of March. And dedicated to this holiday, we prepare this Spring Sale for all fair ladies!


Dresses, headwears, cloaks, gambeson - prices for all women goods are with discount 8% now!


Sale will last from the 1st till the 8th of March 2016.


Treat yourself with beautiful handcrafted medieval garb!


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if you suddenly lost articles, which were published in section "News", please don't worry!


All artciles were moved to the section, where they are to be - to the section "Articles":)


And here two latest writings:


Burgundan fashion of the XV century


Khatangu degel of the XIV century



Holiday special for Christmas and New Year 2016!

Dear friends,

expecting Christmas and New Year holidays, we prepare some wonderful offer for you!

With the purchase of ANY RED gambeson from Steel Mastery or Armory World...


...you will get red padded cap or red liner for bascinet (or sallet) for free!


Don't miss this hot winter offer! Holiday special will last from 24th of December till the 8th of January! Make such nice present for yourself or your loved one!

Merry Christmas and Heppy New year to you and your families!

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Only for 5 days 31.10-4.11.2015 we offer you medieval gambesons and brigandines with veeery attractive discount 18%!

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Armory World: cheaper, faster, simpler

We're happy to announce the launch of Armory World, a subsidiary brand of Steel Mastery.


Why did we decide to create another brand?

Steel Mastery produces custom-made products, which means longer manufacturing times and higher prices. We analyzed the feedback from our customers and realized that a large portion of them have needs that require a different approach from us. Not everyone is willing to wait weeks and pay extra for their custom-made items. Many just want their orders delivered fast and don't need any customization.

So here comes Armory World online store, where we offer you:

  • products in standard sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) and standard colors, but same high quality of materials and manufacturing
  • immediate shipping, as the goods you order are already in stock
  • and last but not least, considerably lower prices (circa 30% less) compared to those from Steel Mastery


What will we be selling on the Armory World website?
Armory World will offer bestseller Steel Mastery products, in the most popular configurations, in standard sizes and for less money :)

Check out our new
online store Armory World and let us know what you think!

Interior design - Vezha Vedmezha

Dear friends, Steel Mastery not only makes durable and reliable armour, but also we create medieval-style interior designs.  Chandeliers, stair railing, lampshades, various decorative armour, uniform for the personnel - it's not the full list of what we make.


If you want to a unique design for your hotel, restaurant, house or just living room,  do not hesitate to contact us and we'll make your place inimitable!


Take a look at one of our interiour design projects we did for the hotel "Vezha Vedmezha" in the Western Ukraine:


























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