Crafting process, part II

Armour making takes much time and energy.

Let us show you some parts of one order, which our crafter hammers away now.


Helmet with lifting visor for fencing. This model is being made of stainless steel 2.0 mm. Such helmet will defend a head perfectly, and also will not rust in time.






Eye slit is about 1.8-2.0 cm. Such width meets SCA standards.

Holes on the visor allows free breathing during trainings or battles.






Closed hinged greaves of the XIV-XV centuryCold-rolled steel of 1.5 mm is used for this leg protection.


Measures for such closed greaves are to be taken over the padded protection. Then you can be sure, that your legs are protected good.






Knight gauntlets of the XIV-XV century with articulated fingers. Gauntlets are also made of cold-rolled steel 1.5 mm.

Steel "knuckles" are riveted to the firm natural leather. 










We leave spare leather edges, so customer could sew own leather gloves (on which plate gauntlets will be worn).




All these items can be made of another type of metal, or with brass rivets and colour of another leather. You just need to choose options, which you like more:)



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Crafting process

Medieval armour in the modern world... How can it be made? Of what metal and with what tools?..

To answer these questions we decided to lift a veil and show some shoots of how armour is born in our forgery!  

We will publish such posts as visual demonstration of orders' making. And as exapmple of men's possibility to perform magic of steel!


Today, there is few photos of German full-plate armour of the XV century. It is being made of cold-rolled steel 1.0 mm.




Sharp edges and ribbed surface were typical for German armour in gothic style.





Armour will be decorated with brass strips.



To be continued...:)


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Bows and arrows in Steel Mastery now!

Dear friends,

By popular demand, section "Archery" comes back! More reliable, durable handcrafted bows and arrows now available for order in our store!

Nice prices and high quality will surprise you:)

Check it out now!


Tudor monastery farm - immersing into the Middle Age


Medieval armour and medieval costumes of Tudors' had been already reviewed in our previous articles.

And today let's talk about medieval daily life these times. 

What clothing, what food, what activities were in use? We will tell you about it here.



Summer vacation in Steel Mastery 29.07-14.08.2016


Our dear friend!

Steel Mastery tosses dice and it shows, that time of summer vacation has finally come!

From 29.07 through 14.08 our manager will be out of office without access to mail box. So please don't worry, if you will not receive answer for your request during this term. On return, we will reply to everybody.

All orders are keep doing, all shipment will be sent out after the 14th of August.



Visby medieval market: 7-14AUG2016


Dear friends,

we're happy to announce our participation in the Visby medieval market on Gotland (Sweden) on the 7-14 of August!

We heartily welcome you to visit our stand! You will be offered a great selection of our 100% natural gambesons, protective brigandines and some new goods from Steel Mastery, such as bows and arrows, hand-made natural soap, wooden dish, etc.

Apart from that we will offer you a possibility to make a custom order from our website with a discount!

See you there!
Yours, Steel Mastery

And here is draft of our new stand:) It will be amazing! Share your opinion about it with us!:)


steel-mastery-stand-visby market


Few words about dresses


Let's get back to the blamestorming session of the medieval armour and costumes in series!

Last week we showed you Henry's VIII armour and its silly representation in series. And today let's talk about women's garbs. What were Tudors ladies wearing? And what do we see from the screen?... 



More about bascinets

Good Friday, folk!

We continue our review of bascinets! Today is a good day to talks about domes of bascinets: types, evolution, typical features.

So, we invite you to read new article: "Bascinets' domes: special features and peculiarities"!

And if you somehow missed two previous parts, here they are!

Part I "Bascinet"

Part II "Visors of bascinets: from primitive to grotesque"


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Real armour and armour in series - new article!

Hey guys! We hope, you have light and easy start of week!

Here is a new article for your attention! With this article we start a cyclus of sericomic artciles about medieval armour and weapon:-)






Something for a head! But not helmets:)

Hi, friends!

We've already told you about costumes of the XV century Burgundia, but did not pay a lot of attention to hed-dresses. But it's worth to remember, that headwears are significant part of any medieval costume!

Well, today is time to talk about hennins, atours, beguins... What do these words means? You'll know it in new article "Men's and women's headwears in Burgundia, XV century".


DSC08460.jpg   fecc33f6190d7d32166232210adc9903.jpg







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