New marvelous Italian leather!

Attention friends!

New marvelous leather from Italy is available for your gambeson, brigandine and for any padded accessories!


 You can choose here your favourite and write us code number!




WARNING! Color may vary depending upon monitor!

color collage leather

The best colours of linen for the best clothing!

Our dear friends!

We know that color is very important option for your clothing and underarmour.

So now you can choose any colour of linen!

Some variants you can see here - http://www.steel-mastery.com/en/the-best-colours-of-linen-for-the-best-clothing

Choose and write us at sales@steel-mastery.com


WARNING! Color may vary depending upon monitor!

collage linen colours

IMCF World Championship!

We are coming! :)

Steel Mastery goes to the IMCF World Championship, so You can personally get acquainted with our products!

Waiting for our Knights on May 25th to the 28th, in SKIVE (BurgSpøttrup), Denmark.

Details you can read here: http://www.medieval-combat.net/

Amazing news!

Dear clients!


We had a long preparation for this and finally we are ready to tell you amazing news! New beautiful goods - corsets - had appeared in our shop!


You can see this beauty here:



We are waiting for your wishes and we will make your dreams come true!

Corset Geraldic and Purple Night

Look at our work!

Dear friends!

We want to show you our work! This beautiful white women's gambeson we send to our client from Italy!

And we hope you remember that you can order any colour and fabric for your gambeson.

You can order your own gambeson here:


Women's white gambeson

Castings in Steel Mastery!

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce, that we updated medieval casting in Steel Mastery! All sections are renewed and stuffed with absolutely new items!

Every casting is handcrafted (badges, brooches, belt mounts, cast buckles, strapends).

Sections are already active, so check it out and choose beautiful accessories for your medieval costume!

Here you can find our cast buckles:


Castings in Steel Mastery!

St.Valentine's special!

Let us be your Valentine! <3


Despite of St.Valentine's day has already passed, we continue to make gifts for our beloved clients:)


50% discount for ALL underwear for men and women! Follow the links and choose nice hand-made medieval clothing: 


For him: http://www.steel-mastery.com/en/clothing/mens-underwear


For her: http://www.steel-mastery.com/en/clothing/womens-underwear


And there is not only one lovely offer from Steel Mastery! Check out details at our Facebook page!



Landsknechts are coming!

Dear friends, 

We are happy to announce, that our section "Landsknecht's costumes" is renewed and stuffed with few absolutely new models of clothing!

Every piece of clothing is handcrafted (including eyelets, points, lacing, etc.). We tailor these costumes according to individual parameters of customer. And of course, you may choose any colour combination for your outfit! Be bright:)





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Gift month in Steel Mastery!

Hey folks!
It’s so nice to give and receive presents for Christmas and New Year, so we decided to make “Gift month”! It means, that every week during a month we make specials, where luckies will get presents from Steel Mastery!


Knight without pants is not a knight! So this week we raffle a set of medieval underwear (chemise and braies). Read conditions of special at our Facebook page :)




But if you need amazing set just right now, you can purchase it in standard sizes S, M, L, XL of white cotton with 50% discount*! For that, just right us at sales@steel-mastery.com


And may the luck be with you!


*Prices are already with discount on the site.

New year and new ideas in Steel Mastery!

Our dear friend!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! May your life be filled with success, energy and peace!


Upcoming 2017 year will be full of new projects and nice surprises from Steel Mastery. We prepare for you more than 500 of cast elements, about 20 new models of bows.


And something, that is is absolutely new for us - making of custom corsets! There are three models for your attention. Beautiful and elegant, made of nice fabrics with amazing patterns - every woman will be happy to have at least one corset from Steel Mastery!











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