Medieval Burgundian dress, 14th-15th century


This dress of Burgundian noblewomen mid-XIV - early XV century is the best implementation of the traditional Burgundian style of that time

Long dress with wide skirt can be made of wool or velvet. Dress is belted with wide velvet belt under the breast. 

Edges of sleeves are linked with laces. Contrast lining of cotton or linen will make your dress more beautiful and comfortable.

Felt headwear is covered with wool.

Garb includes following details:

- white under shirt of thin cotton

- long woolen dress with cotton lining

- velvet belt

- truncated headwear hennin with white silk veil 

This medieval French garb is really delightful for masquerade, fancy-dress balls and medieval events and festivals. 

We offer you to look at another model of Burgundian dress of the XV centrury. And your companion will definitely like men's Burgundian costume.

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Medieval Burgundian dress, 14th-15th century
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