Fantasy-style costume "Warrior"


Comfort and freedom of movements are the main properties of warrior's outfit.

The costume consists of:

Very comfortable shirtIt has round neck-hole with neckline, that is decorated with a trim.

Pants drawstrings on the waist.

Sleeveless cotta of contrast colour, decorated with trims. Knee-length it is fastened with buttons at the waist level.

All parts of costume can be made in any colour of the next material: linen, cotton, wool, silk, velvet.

Base price is for cotton costume.

If you order woolen costume, shirt will be made of linen and pants and cotta made od wool. 

All components of the costume can be ordered separately.

If you want some part of this outfit made of another material or in other color, please contact us

Belt and boots are not included to the price of costume.

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This product is still to be handcrafted and you may customize it selecting its properties. The measurements of your body required for crafting this product will be requested after the purchase. The product will be completely custom-made according to your wishes.

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Fantasy-style costume "Warrior"
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