Costume of Landsknecht, XV century


This costume of landsknecht of the XV century is based on the picture of Hans Leonhard Schaufelein “Dancers at a Wedding”.

Costume consists of:

  1. Hat. Made of wool with linen lining. It is fixed with fabric strap under the chin.
  2. Doublet with cuts. Made of wool with linen lining of contrast colour. It has thigh-length skirt, and puffed sleeves with cuts, which are decorated with bows. Fastened from the front with lacing with brass points.
  3. Breeches with cuts. Made of wool with linen lining of contrast colour. Have a codpiece, which is attached by lacing with brass points. Legs of breeches can be tighten under the knee with fabric straps.
  4. Short chausses. Made of linen, without lining. Have lacing on the back side of calf for better fitting on the leg.

Variety of colours in one costume, a lot of details and cuts, where a lining could be seen - these features are typical for a garb of German sellsword.

All eyelets are sewn around by hands. Lacing is handcrafted as well.

We make such perfect medieval outfit according to customer’s parameters and wishes.

We’ll ask your measurements once order is placed. The wished colour combination and other regards, please send us to

Belts for chausses, shoes and shirt are not included to the price.

All components of the costume can be ordered separately.

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This product is still to be handcrafted and you may customize it selecting its properties. The measurements of your body required for crafting this product will be requested after the purchase. The product will be completely custom-made according to your wishes.

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Costume of Landsknecht, XV century
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