Medieval headwear

Medieval women paid great attention to their headwear, it determined the level of their nobility, and occupation. Fashionable women of that era chose to wear a variety of headwear, ranging from simple bonnets and finishing with a high conical caps with a veil (hennin).

You can also see a variety of women's berets cruzelers (bonnets with ruffles), turbans, hair snoods, and more. The headwear can be decorated with ruffles, lace, ribbons, beads, veil of varying lengths can be attached to it. By purchasing a headwear, you will perfectly complement your image and emphasize your dress.

In this section you find a great variety of medieval men's and women's headwears for different epoch, such as chaperon or hood.

This article will tell you about very extravagant and original headwears of Burgundian fashion. 

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