About us

Welcome to our site! Let us introduce our company a few words.

1. History of our company.
We are engaged in organization of various medieval events (festivals, shows, concerts, tournaments and balls) since 1999. In this work we often had a need to manufacture all kinds of props. Initially it was just metal frames, later more complex constructions made of a number of materials, stage properties, costumes, weapons, armor etc. This need to find fast and custom solutions for organization of our turnkey events led to the creation of our own workshop. At first, only 3 people were employed, then this number gradually increased.
In 2006 we set up a sewing shop. Over the years we perfected the technology of making props, looking for possibilities to make new items on industrial scale.
Now we have a large sewing shop, as well as our own forging shop. We have an extensive experience in the manufacture of weapons, armor, props, siege equipment etc. We employ highly skilled masters in different fields: individual tailoring, molding, embossing, engraving, etching, hand painting, stamping, carving etc.

2. Events.
We collaborate with organizers of various activities and with sites capable of hosting them. We provide our clients with full range of works, basically with everything needed for the event. If you are running an event that will be attended by thousands of guests, every single detail is important. Absence of one or two minor components can spoil the impression or even place in jeopardy the whole event. Therefore, we carefully think everything through and give the customer a full set of solutions to organize and support the event.
Our clients do not have to order specific products from dozens of different organizations and to spend time figuring out whether all the necessary elements are made on time, at the appropriate level and in full.
We provide everything starting from stage scenery, costumes, weapons (including artillery), knight armor and horse armor, and ending with important trifles, such as pins and staff badges.
We have experience in organizing events with the number of employees up to five hundred people. Our customers always note speed, volume, stable and guaranteed quality of our services.

3. Movie making. Computer games.
We're actively involved in TV projects in Russia, Ukraine, the United States and China. Computer games development studios from Japan, Australia and the United States order props from us. If necessary, we can design your stage props ourselves, including sketches and engineering drawings. We know how to implement your idea (be it a property, a character, an outfit), which material to choose so it fits your needs and looks good.

4. Theatres. Military historical clubs.
We are in contact with a big number of theaters, historical reconstruction, fencing and medieval combat clubs all over the world. We make weapons, armor and props for LARP games in Germany and France. We produce sports equipment for the US and Canadian SCA fencing associations. In this work it is extremely important to use historically correct fabrics and historically correct patterns. Costume are often required to be convenient and secure for running, falling, fighting.
The main advantage of our production is that the final product may be made of completely different materials. For example, a helmet can be made of plastic, steel or stainless steel. Depending on your needs, it can be slim and easy for filming or massive and strong for real fighting. And if theaters don't care much of what material a costume is made, it is extremely important how this costume wears, whether it fits for different sizes and how easy it is cleaned.
We produce a few different groups of made-to-measure, hand-made armor: lamellar armor, brigandine armor, padded armor, scale armor and plate armor. We have a professional sewing shop which manufactures high-quality men's and women's clothing, armor elements, underwear etc. Any fabric can be used: cotton, velvet, linen, leather, wool and synthetics. Clothing can be embroidered or have a drawing on it.

We made a few hotel interior designs (in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Germany). We collaborate with permanent entertainment sites in Italy, Spain, the United States.

Presently we are a well-known company in our market niche that is constantly evolving and expanding its customer base all over the world.

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